An Overview of GDPR Tools by Astrill

An Overview of GDPR Tools by Astrill

Last week we covered the relevance and the historical significance of EUGDPR after it came into effect on 25 May 2018. It exists as a regulatory feature for citizens of all European Union members and safeguards their data that is handled by third-party websites and organizations. While organizations around the world are still studying the framework of the regulation, we at Astrill thought we will take this opportunity to simplify things for our users. Let us present you our own GDPR tools, which have been developed to help you be on top of your own data that you are sharing with us as part of our privacy policy.

Read on to find out what you can do with these tools and also to get a bird’s eye view of the limited information we have of you. Before you start, we would like you to note that we don’t store any personally identifiable information on our servers.

GDPR Tools by Astrill

The main aim of GDPR is the protection of personal data and digital privacy, which is why we have developed a one-stop junction for all our users. So that you can keep a track of the limited data that is stored, and if required, delete them when necessary. Here’s an overview of our free GDPR tools.

View Personal Information

All registered Astrill users can visit the tools page here: It provides a brief overview of our stand on GDPR and how we look at it as a privacy company. Our philosophy aligns with the belief that “the less we know about you, the less we can reveal even if under pressure.” This is followed by a short section listing out the personal details we have of you, as shown below. The phone number and physical address exist only as part of the billing procedure.

GDPR compliance tools

Personal Details section in GDPR Tools.

Check VPN logs and Delete if Necessary

Next comes the ‘VPN connections log’ where we keep the last 20 logins containing data such as connection date and time, country, device type, and the number of bytes transferred. The best part is that you can choose to delete all this information, no questions asked. That is the power of the free GDPR tools by Astrill.

GDPR software tools

VPN connections log section in the GDPR tools page.

Entire Information in a Single ZIP File

In case you are skeptical about the type of information that Astrill collects, you can also download a ZIP file of your personal data. This is a complete representation of everything we have of you on our servers in the form of readable HTML. We believe such type of transparency is unprecedented, where you can view all the information that you are sharing with us and can also opt to delete them.

In the rare case that you are not getting the answers to your questions about GDPR, you can reach out to us at Our support personnel will guide you and provide you with the best possible solution.


We request all our users to check out the GDPR tools ( to achieve complete transparency and continue harnessing the power of one of the safest VPNs around.

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