What is a VPN Router? Do I Need One?

What is a VPN Router? Do I Need One?

At a time when a whole continent updates its Internet privacy laws to regulate digital data collection it is important at an individual level to go further than the usual. Today, having a VPN just for your desktop and phone is not enough. Securing “other devices”, like your PS4 or Apple TV, is important too. And that is where a VPN router comes into the picture. As a purveyor of extended security for all your devices – from the guardian of your Siri to that shy Roku box that lets you binge-watch Black Mirror. Here’s more on what a VPN router is…

What is a VPN Router?

As we look at going above the line to stay connected and add to the ‘always on-line’ culture, it is critical to keep our information secure 24/7. A VPN router brings together the reliability and security of a virtual private network and the convenience of an Internet router. It is basically an extension of your VPN connection so that all the devices (that use the Internet to function) can share the network to stay hidden from any prying eyes.

Astrill VPN router

A VPN Router can act as a one-stop security for all your devices.

Look at the VPN router as a regular Wi-Fi modem that has the added capability of masking your original Internet connection using your existing OpenVPN- or StealthVPN-protocol configuration. It is like killing two birds with one stone. Not only do you have the ease and comfort of using a masked connection but also can avoid possible surveillance on any device.

Do I Need a VPN Router?

Also as the FBI issues a warning to reboot our routers to prevent a possible Russia-linked malware from spreading, it is even more important to have an extra layer of security. A VPN router can provide that extra layer of security because it is not just limited to one or two devices. It takes a blanket approach to securing the principal Internet connection of your home or office.

The Internet is a hostile place – something we have known for a long time now – but staying safe on it does not have to be difficult. Anyone who uses a VPN today understands the dangers of unprotected web surfing and data transfer. When our sensitive information is on the line and which makes us vulnerable, it makes sense to go above and beyond the usual.

With just one pre-configured device, you can ensure safe browsing from all your devices. Which is why we at Astrill recommend getting a VPN router for home and office. There are two ways to installing an Astrill VPN router, which we will discuss in the next section.

How Does It Work?

The easiest way to go about using a VPN router is to buy a pre-installed one. This does not require any configuration as you can directly plug and connect your devices. Intended for beginners, this is the most common and popular way. Such a router already has an established VPN connection, which routes all the data being shared by the devices through the private network.

The second way (self-made) is for advanced users who will have to configure the router through their system. The complete process – which utilizes the VPN software installed on your computer, for instance – has been outlined at the Astrill VPN wiki.

Most of our customers take the easier route and select a TP-Link TL-WR703N or the superior Netgear R6400 depending upon their requirements.


If you cannot make a decision, try comparing your existing regular Wi-Fi router with a VPN router. Understand what the primary difference is and then make a wise choice. Because getting a VPN connection in an unfriendly digital world is a normal move. But getting a VPN router is a smart one. For more details about such routers and their features, check this out.

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