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Astrill 2.7 Released

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

What’s new in Astrill 2.7?

- New: Router Setup Wizard which now supports DD-WRT and Tomato based routers and new router applet v2.1
- New: router applet 2.1 coded from scratch for both Tomato and DD-WRT ! New premium features offered only by Astrill – Device Filter (select which devices will go over VPN), Site Filter (which sites will go over VPN) and Port Forwarding.
- New: Network redirection component for Macintosh and Linux. Improved LSP (Network component) for Windows. Astrill now works with all flash based streaming web sites in all top browsers and Application Filter for OpenVPN mode is now supported on all three platforms as well – Windows, Macintosh, Linux
- New: Site Catcher tool – allows you to build your custom Site Filters for OpenVPN mode very easily. Do you want to stream just certain sites through VPN? Now it’s so easy to do that!
- New: Native 64 bit version for Linux including appropriate Debian (.deb) and RedHat (.rpm) packages. Astrill now works on more Linux platforms than ever.
- New: ‘Stealth OpenVPN’ mode – a premium feature offered by Astrill only. Stealth mode will work behind very restrictive/censoring firewalls and it’s practically impossible to block it! Even better – your ISP will have no clue you are using a VPN – Stealth protocol we use will not be recognized as any standard VPN protocol !
- New: Improved OpenVPN network driver for Windows – improves speed and avoids conflicts with 3rd party OpenVPN applications.
- New: automatic port forwarding using UPnP and NAT-PMP protocols. Most P2P applications (including Bittorrent) can now forward ports automatically without user intervention !
- New: Speed Test tool – test the speed of all servers easily ! This tool will help you to find out the fastest server for your current location/ISP.
- Updated: OpenVPN is updated to version 2.2.2 for greater security and performance enhancements.
- Improved: Application and Site Filters for OpenVPN mode for greater flexibility and easier use.
- Improved: Site Filter in OpenWeb mode to be easier for use. ‘Smart Mode’ is available in Site Filter window. You can now add custom sites to Smart Mode filter as well !
- Improved: user interface – as we are adding new servers frequently, servers list is getting bigger and bigger. We now sort the list by placing TOP 7 most used servers on the top for easier access. It’s possible to sort servers alphabetically as well. On Windows – you can search for a server by typing a few letters.
- Improved: user interface – now you can switch between OpenWeb and OpenVPN protocols after you login using a button in the title bar !
- Fixed: Media Recorder to work with recent changes on Youtube. It’s possible to plug 3rd party flash recorders with Astrill – for example RTMPSuck – and record videos from Hulu and similar sites (this is for “hackers” only :) ).
- Fixed: tray icon on Ubuntu with Unity (you will need to logout and login again for the icon to appear).
- Fixed: Mac OS crash caused by a bug in OpenVPN TUN/TAP driver.
- Fixed: an issue with threads limit on Windows and Macintosh which caused “Unable to create a new thread – Error 8″ – or “Unable to create new semaphore – too many threads” which were occurring when you open a lot of tabs in a web browser.
- Hundreds of other enhancements

In short, version 2.7 brings you a powerful Router applet, makes it possible to watch ANY flash based site on ALL platforms (Windows/Linux/Mac) in all top browsers when using OpenWeb mode, while OpenVPN mode brings very flexible Application and Site (IP) filters. Astrill now features Stealth OpenVPN which makes Astrill the only VPN working in countries with high censorship (Syria, UAE, Iran, etc.) and practically unblockable by firewalls.

We have released a new version of Astrill Dialer application for Windows as well. The new version supports PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and SSTP protocols. SSTP is suitable for users from countries with high censorship or in case your ISP blocks conventional VPN protocols. The application is available on our download page.

When installing new version, over old version, don’t forget to reboot your computer !