Astrill 2.7 Beta Released


What’s new ?
+ New Router Setup Wizard which now supports  DDWRT and Tomato and our router v2.0 applet.

+ Implemented Network Redirector component for Macintosh and Linux so now application filter works on all platforms: Windows Vista and up, Snow Leopard and newer and Ubuntu 8.10 or newer.
+ Reimplemented Site Filter and Application Filters for OpenVPN mode which are now easy to understand and use.

+ Fixed system crash on Macintosh which was caused by a bug in OpenVPN driver.
+ Removed tweaks for Firefox completely. Not necessary anymore as we utilize system-level network redirectors on all platforms.
+ Numerous internal changes to improve performance and reliability
+ Smaller user interface improvements on Macintosh
+ Country IP blocks are now optimized so loading of “Tunnel only Internatonal” sites is faster at least for 50%.

In short, version 2.7 brings you poweful Router applet, makes it possible to watch ANY flash based site on ALL platforms (Windows/Linux/Mac) in all top browsers when using OpenWeb mode, while OpenVPN mode brings very flexible application and site (IP) filters.

What’s not yet finished ?
We are redesigning server Speed Test tool, so in the current beta it is broken. All other application features should work.

Known issues
- Due to an unknow bug in kernel extension, on some systems with Mac Snow Leopard (10.6.x 32-bit) the system will crash. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. We are currently investigatin this issue.

Please report all bugs to

Thanks for testing!

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6 Responses to “Astrill 2.7 Beta Released”

  1. Naliha says:

    What about new protocols? what about SSTP connections? 

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  3. Muurtegel says:

    Is it me or does the Site-filter not work?

    I entered (facebook) and set the Application filter to all apps, but facebook is still blocked.
    I’ve tried to browse the ip itself, but it was blocked as well.

  4. Sean Higgins says:

    I’m having no luck with site filter as well.  I would love for “unblock sites” to work so I could have fast domestic internet in China and allow youtube and facebook to work.  The blocked sites do not work, defeating the purpose of why I have astrill.  And manually inputting the IP’s didn’t work for me either.  I guess it’s “tunnel all sites” which is ok but my 10MBit connection runs at about 1MBit.  Any ideas?

  5. Muurtegel says:

     Unblocked sites does work for me, but I’ve noticed that the list of blocked sites that Astrill uses isn’t complete. Facebook was unblocked, but Tumblr (i think) wasn’t. That’s why I wanted to manually maintain a list.

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